Koozle’s handmade Boxes,

We create them to keep your memories close at hand. We are a family company and, just like you, we would like to enshrine some of the most memorable events with children and to also do this by positive association. That’s why our carpentry workshop decided to make beech boxes of solid wood which are entirely sourced from within Bohemia. Each box is unique and is handmade, crafted carefully with love. Our goal is to safe and protect memories of your life and those your children.

Give it to your loved ones

We will create a customized box for you with your name and date of birth.

Photo gallery

In the photo gallery you can see the details of the boxes.


You can choose the colour of the box and, if necessary, engrave the name of the recipient, in the product details.


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Koozle, s.r.o.

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Telephone: +420 721 163 772

Email: koozle.krabicky@seznam.cz

Adress: Dolní 570, Kamenný Újezd 373 81, Czech Republic

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